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Btox Carmen Intensive | Volume Reduction and Hydration | For All Hair Types | 1kg

Btox Carmen Intensive | Volume Reduction and Hydration | For All Hair Types | 1kg
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Btox Carmen Intensive | Volume Reduction and Hydration | For All Hair Types | 1kg
Regular price $99.99
Regular price $139.99 Sale price $99.99


A beauty treatment for damaged hair that helps restore moisture and natural shine to strands.

Carmen Intensive Btox Volume Reducing Mask, formulated with keratin extract, revitalizes rebellious and lifeless hair, providing effective frizz control. Its formula enriched with panthenol and collagen regenerates hair fibers, helping to seal the cuticle. Furthermore, it hydrates, nourishes and restores the natural elasticity of the hair. This mask promotes realignment, sealing and replacement of hair mass, for visibly healthier and revitalized strands.


Straight, wavy, rebellious, frizzy and frizzy hair that needs hydration and volume and frizz reduction.
Compatible with all hair types.


Panthenol: penetrates the hair cuticle, helping to retain moisture and strengthen the strands. This results in hair that is softer, more flexible and less prone to breakage.
Collagen: helps strengthen hair, providing it with more elasticity and resistance. Reduces hair breakage and hair loss, as well as leaving it looking healthier and shinier.


- Deep Hydration:
The presence of panthenol in the formula helps retain moisture within the hair cuticle, thus ensuring deep hydration, leaving the strands softer and more flexible.
- Frizz Control:
The mask is formulated with keratin extract, which helps to effectively control frizz, providing more aligned and disciplined-looking hair.
- Hair Restoration:
The collagen present in the formula helps to strengthen hair fibers, restoring the hair's natural elasticity and reducing breakage, resulting in healthier and more resistant strands.
- Volume Reduction:
In addition to hydrating and controlling frizz, the mask also promotes the realignment, sealing and replacement of hair mass, which helps to reduce hair volume, especially in unruly, frizzy or wavy hair, thus providing a more disciplined and smooth appearance. .



1- Wash your hair with shampoo; We recommend our Brigitte pre-treatment shampoo.
2- Dry the strands with a hairdryer.
3- Divide the hair into 6 parts and apply Carmen throughout the hair, keeping 1 cm away from the scalp.
4- Dry your hair 100% again with the dryer, if you wish you can brush it.
5- Separate the hair and iron it, in thin strands, on average 12 times on each strand. Attention: straightener temperature varies according to professional assessment, analyzing hair structure. A suggestion, medium and thick hair 450 to 480°F, fine and sensitive hair 400 to 430°F, extremely sensitive 300 to 350°F.
6- Now you need to remove the product, just do it with water. Or if you wish, you can use our Liz shampoo.
7- Finish as you wish.

Attention: the temperature of the flat iron varies according to the professional’s assessment, analyzing the structure of the hair. A suggestion, medium and thick hair 450 ish F-480 ish, fine and sensitive 400 ish F-430 ish F, extremely sensitive 300 ish F-350 ish F.


- We do not recommend use in pregnant and breastfeeding women.
- Avoid applying coloring up to 15 days before and after this treatment. It is important to carry out strand and touch tests, even during reapplications, to prevent allergic reactions, changes in color or damage to the hair.
- Keep a safe distance of 1 cm from the scalp when applying the product. Do not proceed with the application if the scalp is irritated or injured.
- Professional use..


What is the PH of the product?
The PH of Carmen Intensive is 7 - 7.5

Does Carmen straighten her hair?
No, the objective is to reduce hair volume. Product results may vary according to the condition and conditions of each hair type.

Is Carmen compatible with other brand alignment products?
Yes, all of our products are compatible with each other. A useful tip is to use Carmen as part of alignment maintenance, with a minimum interval of 40 days.

Can I use it on children, pregnant and breastfeeding women?
It is not recommended for use by pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.


CONTENTS: 01 - Carmen Intensive Btox Volume Reducing Mask 1kg.
Treatment duration: 45 to 60 days. Do not reapply in less than 30 days.

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