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Feelings Magic Ampoule | Detangling and Moisturizing | For All Hair Types | 15ml

Feelings Magic Ampoule | Detangling and Moisturizing | For All Hair Types | 15ml
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Feelings Magic Ampoule | Detangling and Moisturizing | For All Hair Types | 15ml
Regular price $9.99
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Ampoule Magic. The Ideal Solution for Dull and Damaged Hair.

The Magic Ampoule is a revolutionary product in the world of hair care, designed to intensify and enhance hair treatments. With an advanced and highly concentrated formula, this ampoule offers an ideal solution for dull and damaged hair.
Developed with carefully selected ingredients, the Magic Ampoule has restorative properties that penetrate deeply into the hair, promoting intensive hydration and repairing damage caused by chemical processes, exposure to the sun and excessive heat.
Ampoule Magic's main differentiator lies in its ability to enhance the effects of other hair products, such as hydration masks, conditioners and specific treatments. By adding a few drops of this ampoule to your favorite products, you maximize the benefits and results, providing your hair with complete hair revitalization.


For all hair types, especially those that are dry and require intense hydration. 


Sunflower oil:
Emollient action, it is a true ally for the health and beauty of hair. Its exclusive formulation was developed to prevent water loss, thus ensuring hydration and softness of the hair. Furthermore, it plays a crucial role in dry scalp care, helping to prevent flaking and providing instant relief..


Intense hydration
Provides deep hydration, penetrating the hair to revitalize it from within, leaving it soft, flexible and visibly healthier. Gives hair a rejuvenated and radiant appearance, keeping it hydrated for longer.

Offers conditioning to hair, leaving it soft, manageable and easy to comb. The advanced formula works to strengthen strands, prevent split ends and protect against damage caused by heat tools and environmental aggressors.

Anti-frizz and detangling:
Effectively controls frizz and detangles hair, facilitating the combing process and preventing breakage. With softening and disciplining ingredients, hair is silky, tangle-free and looks more tidy and well cared for.

Silkiness and shine:
Provides incomparable silkiness to the hair, wrapping each strand in a protective film that leaves it soft and silky to the touch. Furthermore, it enhances the natural shine of the hair, giving it a luminous and radiant appearance.


1-Start by washing your hair with a mild shampoo. Rinse well and remove excess water with a towel.

2-While your hair is still damp, pour the contents of the ampoule into the palms of your hands and spread evenly through your hair. Focus especially on the areas that are most damaged or need extra treatment.

3-Gently massage the product into your hair, making sure to cover all strands.

4-Let the ampoule act on the hair, ranging from a few minutes to about 15 minutes.

5-After the pause time, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm or cold water to completely remove the product.

6-Finish as usual: After rinsing, proceed with your drying and styling routine as desired.


To obtain a mousse, add one part of the magic ampoule to a container and mix with 4 parts of water. Stir well to ensure a homogeneous mixture, and proceed as directed above.

Frequently asked questions

How to use Magic ampoule with other ampoules?

For Post-Chemical procedures:
Combine the homogeneous mixture obtained with magic with the DREAM ampoule. The DREAM ampoule is formulated to provide deep nutrition and restoration after chemical processes.

For Pre-Chemical procedures:
Combine the homogeneous mixture obtained with magic, with the SUBLIME ampoule. The SUBLIME ampoule is designed to prepare hair before chemical processes, helping to strengthen and protect strands against damage.

For complete hair reconstruction:
Combine the homogeneous mixture obtained with magic, with the SHINE ampoule. The SHINE ampoule provides intense hair reconstruction, helping to strengthen damaged strands and restore their vitality.

Can I add the Magic ampoule with straightening products?
It is not recommended to add the Magic ampoule to straightening products. Magic is a hydration ampoule, developed to nourish and hydrate the hair. Mixing products with different purposes can compromise the desired results.


01- Feeling Magic Ampoule 15ml
Yield: Average of 5 applications.

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Soledad Olivera

¡Excelentee! El cabello quedaa suavee y las puntass quedan sedosass, sin quedar con aspecto grasoso. Ideal para el tratamiento de resecamientoo o para el uso en el día a día.

Micaela Miranda

¡Maravilloso! He estado usando semanalmente y mi cabello está cada vez más hermoso. ¡Muy feliz con los resultados!

Charlene Perkins

Wonderful, immediate result on the first application.

Lau Moura

Amei, ele realmente tira todas as pontas secas, hidrata sem falar no cheiro maravilhoso.. Eu nao vivo mais sem!!!

Pâmela Gentil

Maravilhoso hidrata os cabelos e deixa com um brilho lindo ,amando ele👍