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Brigitte Plástica dos Fios | Total Reduction of Volume and Frizz | For All Hair Types | 100ml

Brigitte Plástica dos Fios | Total Reduction of Volume and Frizz | For All Hair Types | 100ml
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Brigitte Plástica dos Fios | Total Reduction of Volume and Frizz | For All Hair Types | 100ml
Regular price $38.00
Regular price $49.90 Sale price $38.00
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Strengthened, nourished and completely straight hair with Brigitte

Discover the durable thermal alignment line, with multiple functions and the best cost-benefit on the market. The Brigitte Kit was developed to guarantee better results and high satisfaction for beauty salon customers.

Incredible formula developed to provide perfect and long-lasting thermal alignment. Perfect for professionals looking to offer their clients a definitive product with more than satisfactory results.

Discover Brigitte's differences


1. Alignment for up to 6 months:

Providing long-lasting and worry-free transformation.

2. Does not cause dryness:

Its advanced formula not only aligns the strands but also keeps them deeply hydrated, avoiding any feeling of dryness.

3. Deep nourishment:

Enriched with nourishing ingredients, it offers intense hydration that revitalizes the hair, leaving it soft, silky, and healthy.

4. Volume reduction:

In addition to promoting impeccable straightening, it also reduces hair volume, providing a lighter and more manageable look.

5. Easy application:

With its uncomplicated application, you can enjoy professional results without much hassle.


Discover the 3 special active ingredients present in the Brigitte Brazilian Keratin formula:

1.  Coffee Extract: Enhances hair growth, Strengthens strands, Provides intense shine, Provides silkiness.

2. Cocoa: Has nourishing properties, Reduces frizz, Improves shine, Prevents hair from tangling.

3. Keratin: Restores hair fiber, Strengthens straight locks, Provides resistance, Keeps hair hydrated.




Step By Step

1. Apply Brigitte Step 01 to damp hair, massaging.

2. Leave it to act for a few minutes and then rinse completely.

3. Apply Brigitte Step 02 to clean hair, do not rinse.

4. Brush your hair in small sections and then straighten. Finish as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compatible with all chemicals?

Brigitte was specially developed to be compatible with any other types of chemical products that the user has already applied to their hair.

Does it cause any discomfort?

Our formula was developed to not generate any type of discomfort, not even for the professional who will apply the product, much less for the user who will receive the treatment. Therefore, it is very important that the professional in question follows our instructions exactly so that they can carry out the application properly and efficiently, avoiding headaches.


How long does straightening last?

Up to 6 months, needed only for root growth.



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Eva Miranda

Me encanta, hidrata muchisimoo y fortalece el cabello, y además tiene un aroma maravillosso.

Marina Mora

¡Producto buenísimo! Tengo cabello rizado y sin químicos. Quedó muchísimo suave y con aroma agradable. ¡No pesó! Me gustaron mucho los productos.

Lara Nóbrega

Perfeitooo! Ele é ótimo para colocar no cabelo e deixar ele sedoso solto e com um brilho intenso!

Zoe Sánchez

¡¡Me encantó muchísimo!! Hidrata muy bien, mi cabello está en reconstrucción, así que en realidad estoy muy feliz

Yolanda Pereira

producto bueno , con olor increíblemente delicioso y sin mencionar el resultado en el cabello , sin dudas uno de mis favoritos!!!!