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KIT - 4 Ampoules Feelings | MAGIC + DREAM + SUBLIME + SHINE | 15ml

KIT - 4 Ampoules Feelings | MAGIC + DREAM + SUBLIME + SHINE | 15ml
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KIT - 4 Ampoules Feelings | MAGIC + DREAM + SUBLIME + SHINE | 15ml
Regular price $37.99
Regular price $56.90 Sale price $37.99
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Feeling Ampoules Kit - Hair transformation with Personalized Nutrition.

The Feeling Ampoules Kit offers a complete hair treatment, bringing together four powerful ampoules formulated to provide intense nutrition and hair revitalization.


For all hair types, especially those that require deep hydration, reconstruction and protection against damage.


Magic Ampoule: Sunflower Oil.
Sublime Ampoule: Coconut Oil.
Dream Ampoule: Coconut Oil and essential amino acid complex.
Shine Ampoule: Complex of essential amino acids.


Magic Ampoule: Intense hydration, frizz control, hair detangling and radiant shine.
Sublime Ampoule: Protection against damage, deep hydration and intense shine.
Dream Ampoule: Hair reconstruction, prevention of breakage, intense hydration and extreme shine.
Shine Ampoule: Deep reconstruction, strengthening hair fiber, restoring shine and protecting against external damage.


1-Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Rinse well and remove excess water with a towel.
2-Apply the contents of the ampoule to the palms of your hands and distribute evenly through damp hair, concentrating on the most damaged areas.
3-Massage gently and leave to act as indicated for each ampoule (a few minutes to 15 minutes).
4-Rinse thoroughly with warm or cold water.
5-Proceed with your drying and styling routine as desired.


Each ampoule contains 15ml and yields an average of 5 applications.


1-How often should I use the ampoules?
It is recommended to use the ampoules as needed by your hair, generally once a week.

2-Can I use the ampoules in conjunction with other hair products?
Yes, the ampoules can be combined with moisturizing, straightening and bleaching masks to enhance results.

3-What type of hair are the ampoules suitable for?
The ampoules are recommended for all hair types, especially those that need intensive treatment and revitalization.

01 Feeling Magic Ampoule 15ml
01 Feeling Sublime Ampoule 15ml
01 Feeling Dream Ampoule 15ml
01 Feeling Shine Ampoule 15ml

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Teresa Duncan

Very good product! I have curly hair and without chemical treatment. It became very soft and with a pleasant scent. It didn't weigh down! I really liked the products.

Eva Marshall

Great product too, helps with hair shine, leaves it soft and aids in mending split ends. Wonderful!!!

Laura Silva

¡Qué rico olorcito! ¡Excelente consistencia, muy hidratante! Me gustó.

Clara Salcedo

Me encanta, hidrata muchisimoo y fortalece el cabello, y además tiene un aroma maravillosso.

Concepción Pérez

Un producto maravilloso, para quitar el frizz y las puntas dobles.